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Ventinove anni, è IT Specialist presso IBM a Bruxelles. In passato ha lavorato in T-Systems Italia dove era consulente di sistemi e reti Windows/Unix (AIX e Solaris) e saltuariamente anche Cisco. In seguito ha lavorato in una società di TLC specializzata in VoIP. E' certificato MCP, CCNA, CCNP e CCIP.

Lab: BGP Multiple ASs with Multiple Providers

This is the default BGP behavior. Just turn on BGP, configure it correctly and everything is ok. No really worries about this. Same for this...

Lab: BGP Multiple Providers Default Primary and Backup FullPartial

As you can see from the title this is a lab where AS3 is our AS, then there are strong>AS1 and AS2 that are...

CCNP BCMSN: alcuni acronimi da conoscere

CEF = Cisco Express Forwarding ACE = Access Control Entities TCAM comprende: FM = Feature Manager SDM =Switching Database Manager VMR = Value Mask Result LOU = Logical Operational Unit PMD...